Amen Corner

Amen Corner is the nickname for holes 11-13 of Augusta National GC. It was named after a jazz title by the journalist Herbert Warren during the 1958 Masters tournament because of the tense atmosphere. Amen Corner has always been a place for golf nostalgia.

Gold is the colour of dreams. Playing Amen Corner is certainly a life dream for many golfers.

Green is the colour of hope, and the colour of the Green Jacket as well, the most important trophy of the US Masters. There’s a saying about Augusta that the greenkeepers paint their fairways green to make them look flawless for the cameras.

I paint from a bird’s eye view. How do birds or insects actually see Amen Corner from 2000 ft. above? Bees and other insects perceive vegetation in the ultraviolet colour spectrum (tertrachromates). I approached the still visible violet part in order to convey an idea of their point of view.

At the other end of the colour scale is infrared. If you would photograph Amen Corner with a red light filter, it would look like this.