Old Course / St. Andrews

The Old Course of St. Andrews is the origin of golf as we know it today, the cradle of golf. I felt the need to start my journey across the fairways of the world here.

All 18 pictures were made with paint and paste in the format 7” x 9.5” on 140 lbs hot pressed paper.

The Old Course has its challenges, not only for the golfer but for brush and paint as well. Every hole, except holes #1, 9, 17 and 18, makes use of twin greens. The number of the two holes sharing a green always adds up to 18. Hole #2 shares the Green with the oncoming #16, #3 with #15. and so on. The fairways of the holes going out and in run parallel to each other, they merge into each other and also share some bunkers and roughs.

With my views I cut the respective fairways out of their broad and flowing context. I try to concentrate on the essentials and on everything that’s “in play”. The result are these true-to-scale forms.

In the text below you will find the names of the bunkers for every hole. Allegedly all of the more than 100 bunkers on the Old Course carry a name. You may forgive me if a few are painted here but remain unnamed. During my first round on the Old Course the caddies will certainly tell their names.